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Side Hustle This Holiday Season

Side Hustle This Holiday Season

November 02, 2022

As you continue working to build your wealth and pursue your financial goals, sometimes it can help to boost your income and work to increase what you make each month. Of course, there are the more traditional routes of asking for a raise or seeking out a higher-paying job, or you could help increase your income by adding a side job.

What is a side job?

A side job is an additional job that you can take on in addition to your full-time job that can help you supplement your income outside of normal business hours. A few key elements of a side job are:

  • It likely requires fewer hours than your normal job.
  • It could require skills or talents you already have.
  • It may come from a passion or hobby you’ve always wanted to put to better use.
  • It could be born out of necessity or the need for a higher net income.
  • It likely brings in less income than a regular, full-time job.

How a Side Job Could Help You

While most side jobs (or side hustles as some people call them) may not bring in the same level of income or benefits as a regular job, they may help you pursue the financial goals you’ve set for yourself. Whether your goal is to grow your savings account, make a large purchase or have a little extra income each month, a side job could be the answer you’re looking for.

Consider these options when thinking about taking on a side job.

1. Do Freelance Work

You may already have the skills necessary to take on freelance work. For example, maybe you’ve made a hobby out of photography or you’re already a skilled graphic designer. You can use these skills outside your normal job or in addition to keeping these skills as just a hobby. People likely need the skills you offer and are willing to pay someone to get the services they need.

2. Become a House Sitter

When people go out of town for work or leave their house to go on vacation, they often feel better having someone stay at the house, whether that’s to help ensure nothing goes wrong in the house or to take care of the house in their absence. Through house-sitting services, you may be able to make extra income doing little more than taking care of someone’s home while they are away.

3. Walk Dogs

If you have a love of four-legged friends and are looking for any excuse to add a little more exercise to your day while also potentially making money, dog walking could be a solution for you. Through apps and word of mouth, you could build a steady clientele that allows you to make money while taking dogs for a stroll around your community.

4. Manage a Small Business’s Social Media Account

Some small businesses do not have the resources to hire full-time employees to manage their social media accounts. If you are familiar with specific social media platforms and know the basic ins and outs of the social media marketing industry, you could work a few hours a week to regularly post on social media and engage with the company’s online audience.

5. Join a Focus Group

You could get paid for sharing your opinion in a focus group. Some companies want to get the general public’s opinion to improve their offerings and one of the ways to do that is through a focus group. Sign up to be a part of a focus group and get paid for sharing your thoughts about a company’s product or service.

However, you decide to pursue additional income, we want to help you make the most of it. Call the office and let’s talk.

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