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Wise Words from Warren Buffett

Wise Words from Warren Buffett

June 28, 2022

Some gloomy headlines are coming out of Wall Street lately. Have you noticed?

In recent days, I’ve read things like “Brace yourself for economic hurricanes” and “Wall Street investor survey paints a dire outlook.” It makes you wonder where the bullish thinkers have gone

During periods of market turbulence, I take comfort in one of my favorite Warren Buffett quotes:

“Don’t watch the market closely.”

The Oracle of Omaha gave this sage advice in 2016, when Brexit, China’s economic issues, and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy roiled markets.

While negative headlines are eye-catching, a gloom-and-doom perspective misses some finer details. For example, look at how positively the financial markets reacted when the Fed’s May meeting minutes were released. What does this indicate? To start, investors feel confident in the Fed’s plan for interest rates. Also, three out of four companies posted positive earnings and strong revenue in the first quarter. It’s important to remember that companies are healthy, even if that doesn’t make for the most sensational news.

Bearish sentiment may be trendy, but keeping a broad perspective never goes out of style.

At Riggle Wealth Group, we don't let headlines distract us from what's important. We're focused, steady, and have seen these types of changes before. In times like these, we holdfast to our core values: trust and a client-centered, research-based approach to wealth management. We unite around our combined five decades of financial experience, and trust our esteemed colleague, Brent ClabaughChartered Financial Analyst® to tell fact from fiction.

Buffett’s words remind us that pullbacks, corrections, and bear markets are an expected part of the investing process.

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