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Tyson Noel

Tyson Noel is a seasoned financial advisor with more than two decades of industry experience. His expertise lies in providing guidance to individuals and small businesses in areas such as investment strategies, financial and retirement income planning, and wealth protection. Tyson's primary goal is to empower his clients to enjoy their retirement years with confidence.

Tyson holds a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance, which he earned from Towson University. He began his career with an internship at Legg Mason during his senior year of college, which eventually led to a full-time role as an Operations Specialist on the fixed income trading floor. This valuable experience allowed him to learn from experienced traders who provided mentorship and insights into the complex world of bonds and trading.

Following his time at Legg Mason, Tyson dedicated 12 years to T. Rowe Price, where he focused on servicing retail clients and gaining a deep understanding of their needs and priorities. Over time, his role at T. Rowe Price evolved, and he transitioned to the institutional side of the business, where he played a key role in crafting proposals for high net worth individuals, as well as domestic and international companies and governments.

Throughout his career, Tyson has maintained a strong commitment to serving clients on a personal level. In 2019, he joined his father's financial advisory practice, collaborating to provide financial guidance to individuals and small businesses across south-central Pennsylvania. Following his father's retirement and a period of substantial growth, Tyson's dedication to the family practice's values led him to Riggle Wealth Group. This transition reflects Tyson's unwavering belief that the way you treat people is of paramount importance and underscores his commitment to acting in the best interests of his clients.